Nagore Asthaana Dargah Sangetha Vidwan Thiru S.M.A. Kader

He is one of the rare gems of Nagore. He is one of the few Muslim Karnatic Vocalist available in Tamil Nadu. To listen to him is a memorable experience. It is clear from close observation that Mr. SMA Kader is a self made musician who has ignored all opposition from close and distant quarters.

His Ustad was the great vocalist and Harmonium Mastro Vidhvan Dawud Miyan Khan Sahib of Nagore.

Ustad Dawud Miyan was no ordinary musician. Piety and extraordinary performance went hand in hand with him and his Masters the Great Ustad Chotu Miyan and Nannu Mian Sahibs of Nagore. In his last days Ustad Dawud Miyan Khan suffered from a disease of the leg which was musically cured by the order or Qadir Wali of Nagore. He was staying in Dargah and in a dream Qadir Wali asked him to sing the raga of Malgos which he did and as an effect, was gradually cured of the disease.

One can clearly understand SMA Kader’s greatness if one knows that the great Kittappa also learned from Ustad Dawud Miyan. Mr SMA Kader is perhaps the last of Ustad Dawud Miyan’s disciples. Though the ustad was a master of both Hindustani and Karnatic Music, Mr. SMA Kader learned only the later.

It should be noted that at present , perhaps there are in Tamil Nadu, a few who can pour out swaras while singing in three ‘Kaalams’, as Mr. SMA Kader does. Jealosy may be one of the reason for the very few HMV records of Kadir’s songs, released so far. And a few audio cassettes, out of his own efforts.

Mr. SMA Kader was made the ‘Asthaana Dargah Sangetha Vidwan‘ long back. It is a honorary title which alone he has earned. He has not produced any remarkable disciple except one ‘Isaimani’ Yusuf.

One can listen to SMA Kader on the 8th day of Nagore Urus, inside Dargah, every year, and forget one’s worries by the soul’s food.

It is humorously said that music made him a rich man because he was a richer man before that !

A professionally qualified musician having 50+ years of experience.